How to choose a tailor-made shirt?

Every man, whatever his style, must have at least one shirt in his wardrobe. This garment is the emblem of masculine elegance. Depending on how you wear it, it can accentuate elegance or add a touch of elegance. The men's ready-to-wear department is full of a variety of custom-made shirts and you will surely find a model that appeals to you. But if you have a physique that doesn't fit into the standards, when you try it on, you will quickly realize that the model you have chosen is not for you. In this case, it is necessary to turn to the custom-made shirt. The tailor will take your measurements to get the one that slips you like a glove. However, these will not be enough to get a perfect shirt, you will have to make choices between the tailor's proposals. He will ask you for some information and you will not have to answer as you wish.

The fabric

When choosing a garment, comfort should not be overlooked. Choose cotton for your custom shirt. The tailor can offer you different types of cotton, but if you want a garment to wear with your big brand costume, demand Pima cotton, Giza cotton or Sea Island. These are very high-end types of cottons. In case you need men's shirts for everyday use, for example to go to the office, we recommend poplin. This material is very easy to maintain. For those who are in a casual and casual style, oxford is the fabric to choose for your shirt. This fabric is a little thicker and can be identified by its two-thread weaving to create a checkered texture. It is this weaving that also makes its appearance a little bicoloured. If you have a poplin or oxford shirt and you like the latter, you can test the chambray, dobby, pin point, flannel, jersey or honeycomb. The tailor can recommend twill if you are in a casual style. With this material, your custom-made shirt will not need to be ironed.

The cut

When selecting the cut, you must pay attention to your morphology. If you have a well sculpted body, you can afford to take a shirt with a slim fit. This one will highlight your shoulders and chest. If you want this kind of cut, you shouldn't go into the "too much much", because you might have a model with buttons ready to explode. Whatever your body shape, a shirt with a tight fit should fit you. It does not mold the body too much and you will be able to make more movements than with a shirt with a slim fit. If you have a few handfuls of love, you may be tempted by the straight cut. The latter could hide your love handles, but be careful, because it can add a retro touch to your outfit. That's why it's not often appreciated.

The collar

The collar is the element that can differentiate the shirt from other tops. That's what will make it elegant and noble. If you plan to wear a tie with this top, choose a club, candy or round collar. For a knot, the broken neck is the most suitable. In any case, when choosing the collar, also consider the morphology of your neck and face. Also insist on the rigidity of the neck. As you are going to have a tailor-made men's shirt that you are going to put on a formal outfit, demand a very rigid, impeccable and regularly sewn collar. To ensure that the neckline of this garment is perfect, you can ask your tailor to put reinforcing whalebones inside the collar. These will fix the tips of the neck. Indeed, the latter will not bend when you turn your head. In addition, you do not have to insist on the rigidity of the collar if the custom shirt is intended for a casual look.


For some, this may be a detail, but the seam made by the tailor will make all the difference. The purpose of a custom-made shirt is not only to have a top that fits your physique, but a very personal style. If this one is intended for a less dressed look, your tailor can offer you double needle sewing. This is the type of sewing he will do if you don't say anything about the type of sewing you want. Double-needle sewing is the sewing found on most shirts in the ready-to-wear department. If you want a very elegant shirt or a model for your tuxedo, ask your tailor to make an English seam. When you wear this top with this type of seam, you will only see one seam line.

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