Natural stone jewelry: health and elegance

Natural stone jewelry

Litho therapy is a form of alternative medicine that utilises the vibrations and energies of stones and crystals to encourage healing and promote wellness throughout mind, body and soul. The focus is on the restoration of balance between spirit, mind, emotions and the physical body. Finding the right stone for you can be a powerful and transformative experience. Although still an unconventional science, there is anecdotal evidence that this style of therapy can help bring a greater sense of happiness, focus and calm to the wearer. There are a number of different ways to enjoy these benefits. Using crystal healing and natural stone properties, litho therapy can have a calming, beneficial effect on both body and mind. Whether you are looking to target a specific, pre-existing condition or are simply after a way to bring health, wealth and success into your life, this ancient therapy has many ways to treat problems and restore your internal equilibrium.

Natural Stone Properties

Whatever your ailment, crystal healing and natural stone properties on the body and mind may be able to help. Although it may seem as though crystal healing is a fairly new, popularised craze, the reality is that it is actually one of the most ancient forms of healing, used by both the Aztecs and Egyptians. Each crystal or stone carries its own unique vibration of energy and when this comes into contact with specific areas of the body, it can have a therapeutic, healing effect. Formed over millions of years, each crystal and stone holds a transformative power that can be harnessed by those who choose to wear it. By having your crystal or stone with you all the time, the greater the effect on your mental resilience and physical harmony. Each stone is as unique as the person who wears it, so it creates a bespoke piece of jewellery that the wearer can connect with at an emotional and spiritual level.

Jewellery to Promote Healing

Wearing your crystals and natural stones as jewellery is a great way to enjoy the benefits of crystal healing and litho therapy no matter where you are. Worried about a big presentation at work? Try wearing rose quartz or moonstone to calm your nerves and ease any tensions. If you are looking to attract and manifest more wealth into your life, then try wearing jade or tiger’s eye to aid with manifesting wealth and help give clarity when mediating on your goals. Perhaps you are just looking for a stone to help you feel protected? Wearing amethyst is fantastic with aiding contentment and reversing the effects of negative energies. Each piece of jewellery has the capacity to promote feelings of calm and focus for the wearer and the cool weight against the skin is a constant reminder of the protection these stones carry.

But wearing your stones is not just beneficial for aiding with emotional and spiritual ailments. This type of jewellery has also been seen to show improvements with physical conditions too. Aquamarine is said to have a positive effect on digestion whilst amber is great for soothing headaches and stress. Selenite and Smoky Quartz are also renowned for their abilities to help the body remove toxic energies and encourage healing.

Jewellery that offers Timeless Elegance

With so many different styles of jewellery on the market, it can be hard sometimes to decide what items are worth the money. Some jewellery may be beautiful on the outside, but natural stone jewellery has the added advantage of being both aesthetically gorgeous as well as promoting overall well-being for body and soul. The designs are classic and timeless, perfect for any age and the neutral look of the designs are completely unisex making them an ideal gift for any wearer. The look and style of stones is very versatile and can be added to many different designs, from earrings and bracelets to rings and necklaces. So whatever jewellery you prefer to wear, you are bound to find a stone that reflects your own personal taste.

Wearing this type of jewellery can be a stunning outward addition to your outfit, or alternatively it can be hidden so that you alone know you are accessing the secret power of the stones. Each person’s relationship with their jewellery is very personal and it is important that you set your intentions to help gain the most from them.

Natural Stone Virtues

Natural stones and healing crystals have been used for their health properties for centuries. But how exactly do they work and what activates natural stone virtues? Placing the stones on different points of the body have been seen to promote physical and mental health. Using the vibration of each stone can help the body to unblock an energy path, giving the wearing a feeling of calm and better mental well-being. Be sure to connect with your stones and charge them with your intention to make the most from your jewellery before you wear it.

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