Women’s clothing: How to dress according to your body shape?

To feel good about yourself, dress properly. According to your morphology, choose the appropriate clothing style for your silhouette. Choosing the right woman's clothing eliminates any complexes towards her body. To help you determine the right clothing for your body type, here are some valuable tips.

Crystal Habits A and X

Morphology A is characterized by a wider lower body than the upper body. If you have a morphology A, the types of women's clothing adapted to your silhouette are those that highlight your shoulders and hide your hips. You can wear a straight skirt, a strapless straight dress or straight leg pants. As for morphology X, it is characterized by a high and low body in similar proportions. If this is your body shape, we advise you to wear a fashionable skinny style clothing, fitted dress and high waist skirt. The idea is to highlight your curves.

H and O morphology

Morphology H is characterized by similar shoulder and hip width. They have more freedom to choose fashionable clothing. If this is your case, a low waist skinny, a peplum-style dress or a rounded neckline top will look great on you. Make sure to create curves and highlight your legs and arms. The morphology O, for its part, by a round silhouette at the level of the whole body. If this is the case, it is recommended that you wear a V-neck top, a shorter skirt or straight leg low rise pants. The idea is to enhance your legs and stretch your chest.

Crystal Habits V and 8

The V morphology is characterized by broad shoulders and a smaller hip size. If you have this type of silhouette, it is advisable to wear a woman's clothing that highlights your legs and will hide your broad shoulders. For example, you can bet on flared leg pants, a long skirt or a top that will look at the waist. Morphology 8 is characterized by shoulders and hips of equal proportion with a thin waist. If this is your case, it is recommended to wear a skinny with straight legs, a hide-and-seek dress or a high waist skirt. Make sure to distinguish your curves.

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