How to match your jewellery to your outfit?

Jewellery worn by a woman defines her value and personality. To create a better harmonization, it is advisable to match the jewellery to the clothing you wear. Depending on the occasion or circumstances, know how to choose the right piece of jewellery for your outfit.

Avoid wearing multiple accessories

It is true that jewellery demonstrates femininity. Since women are always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends, they want their jewellery to be original (Click here). However, don't overdo it to avoid adding to your style. Always be discreet. With a long evening dress, for example, it is advisable to wear small earrings, a simple bracelet and a pearl necklace. If you want to wear a ring, choose a small stone model. Also note that the jewellery you wear must be associated with your body shape. The superposition of collars, for example, is not suitable for all women. Depending on the size of your shoulders and the outfit you are wearing, you should know which jewellery to wear. These essential fashion accessories for women are worn in such a way as to match their clothing.

The necklaces

The choice of necklace depends on the event to be attended. If you attend, for example, a bohemian themed evening, you can bet on the accumulation of jewellery. Here, the theme is well defined, and you only have to respect it. However, if you are planning a romantic dinner, choose a necklace that is close to your neck if you are wearing a neckline. The idea is to enhance your bust. For an evening with friends, if you wear semi-correct clothing, you can wear a saltire. A mid-long model will be adapted to your look.

The bracelets

Like the necklace, the bracelet must also be chosen carefully. The accumulation of bracelets is now in fashion but is not adapted to any occasion and any outfit. With a flared three-quarters, for example, the mixing of rushes of different colours is allowed. The same applies to the cuff. This one is suitable for many outfits. As for an ankle bracelet, it goes very well with pants rolled up at the ankle. An ankle bracelet is often worn with sandals, tap shoes or flat shoes.

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